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Guyana TV Network

Brings you news, events, talk shows and high profile interviews and documentaries and sports happenings in Guyana and around the world. We are dedicated in making Guyana TV Network your choice of service for all your local and international entertainment.

Watch us as we present Guyana to the world!

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Let's stream your event LIVE

Guyana TV Network wants to work with organization, religious groups, sport events promotors etc, to bring their even to LIVE TV. Here we have an opportunity to promote your community by sharing events and happenings.

We encourage any one interested to contact us early because it takes a lot of planning to get a professional crew to prepare and plan the filming of your events. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Get your own TV Channel

Control your content

At Guyana TV Network, we offer other TV broadcaster and influencers to join our platform so that all information and entertainment can be found easily by our audience. We also offer any organization, creator or influencers to have their own TV Channel.

Here are the some of the advantages of having your own TV channel:


Have all your content in one place and run a 24 hours TV Channel on auto pilot.


Schedule your content to run 24 hours per day, just like a TV guide planning automatically.

Go Live

Go LIVE on your Channel, YouTube, and facebook with one click.


Later you can monetize your channel through sponsorships, real professional TV commercials and by views in the future.

Easy Management

We can run your back office or we can white label your back office to fit your channel and have full control.


Control what your audience sees.


We are also willing to collaborate with you to help you produce your channel


We can support you with our service by us being your complete film crew.

IMPORTANT: We at Guyana TV Network have a high standard as to the quality of content and the quality of the filming, not all applicants will qualify. We strongly believe that is time that the quality in the production must be of top class and your content must be presented in the most professional manner.


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Don’t miss out on any breaking news and stay up to date. Enjoy top news channels like MSNBC, FOX, Bloomberg TV+, CNN and more for reliable coverage of the latest events.


Coming Soon

Movies, Short Stories from Hollywood, Bollywood and around the World!
Get access to all the new movie releases and vault of yesterday's movies! - Bollywood Movies, Made in Guyana and more!


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Services & Collaborations


Advertise on Guyana TV Network

TV Commercials

Request development and filming of your TV Commercial

Real Estate Agents

Real estate projects for sale in a professional video presentation

Content Creators

Submit your content for consideration on our channel

Live Event Coverage

Submit your request for us to cover your event live

Join Our Platform

Request to have your program on our channel or platform

Movie/Film Production

We are Hollywood movie makers. Submit your script for a collaboration.

Suggest a Collaboration

We are always open to any suggestions of collaborations.

Your Own TV Channel

Request to have your own TV Channel on our platform.